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Looks like it has been a while since this topic has been discussed...

Need some recommendations on a pair of grill gloves.  Something with good dexterity (MUCH better than the oven mitt style I currently have) and something that would protect me if I accidentally touch the grate of my PG.  Something I could carry my dutch oven from the grill to the kitchen would be nice, but not necessary.

Just did some amazon browsing and seems like there is a crowd of products in the $25-35 range with nice ratings.  Not real sure how to differentiate.

Thanks in advance!

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so after a bit of research, I settled on some gloves made by Artisan Griller.  Purchased on amazon here.  I like that they are rubber so I don't have to worry about cloth gloves getting gunked up.  They are easy to wash, I just keep the gloves on and wash my hands with soap and water.

The fingers are a little stiff and a little difficult to operate tongs, but overall have great dexterity.  I like that the sleeve goes up my forearm quite a bit.  When I am grilling at high temps, the heat definitely still radiates through the gloves but I feel like I am protected against accidental bumps into the grates.

The made in USA tag was a plus for me.

@jay1924 I actually pull cast iron pans out of the grill after they have been on direct heat at 450 deg. +.  I can comfortably carry the pan from the grill into my kitchen.

I absolutely use them to pull smoked meat directly out of the pit.  I wear them to actually pull pork, hold a rack of ribs or brisket flat while carving, etc.

Sizing is tough, but I think i made the right choice going with large.  They only offer 2 sizes that I can tell - LG & XL.  I was afraid if I went to XL, I would lose some of the dexterity (if that is the right word).  For reference, when I wrap a tape measure around the widest part of my palm it is just a shade under 9".  The gloves are a little tight to pull off especially when they get a little greasy, but I think the 10" gloves would be a bit too floppy if you will.

I predict you will love them. I've used them for repositioning meat during a cook, pulling meat to take inside, changing the level of a rack full of meat, etc. They are protective and flexible. Hint: leave them on and wash your hands with soap and water to clean them. My only complaint is that the product registration process, involving sending a text message, didn't work.

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