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I have a Cooks brand 8# Butt Portion ham with label stating "Ready-To-Eat after heating meat thoroughly". After searching this forum, I am still confused. Some folks keep in smoker until meat is 190 degrees (18 hours or so) which sounds like pulled pork process. While others only keep in smoker until meat is around 140 degrees (3-4 hours) which sounds like 'sliced- meat' texture. Big differences in time/temps, so which is correct? I am thinking both could be correct, depending on whether I want it to be of slicing or pulling consistancy. I just don't want it to be dried-out, and would like a better idea of when to start smoking it so its ready for dinner tonight instead of not being done until breakfast tomorrow?? (After all, I was not planning on guests spending the night!! LOL) Reading also that putting ham in shallow pan with some liquid is best way to keep it moist.
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I did a 10.5 lb double smoked ham for Easter, and took it to 120F internal in the smoker set at 225F. I then pulled it, glazed it, and put it into a 325F oven and cooked to 135F internal. I applied the glaze 3 times. Total cook time was ~ 4 hours. Then I FTCed it for 1.5 hours. While resting, the internal temp rose to 142F. Perfect!
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Thanks for the replies.
This all starts from while putting in a new electrical outlet for a neighbor down the street, another neighbor brought by a small chunk of a similar Cooks Butt Ham that she had just cooked in her 'cooker pot' with some orange juice. It had the consistancy/"stringiness" of a done pork shoulder (pulled pork), and looked like it would be difficult to slice-up without it simply falling apart. I did not get specifics of time/temp from her. I liked that texture and it was still moist, but I thought a trip thru the Cookshack would make it even better. Thus my wondering if a higher internal meat temp would be needed for that pulling consistancy. I have lots of pulled pork experience, but no prior ham experience.
Also, I keep seeing FTC being mentioned after taking meat from smoker. FTC is ?? (Foil, Towel, Cooler for resting/storage until time to eat ??)

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