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I am not sure why I never tried this before but it was amazing!!!

Usally I like to grill hamburgers on a grill but this time I had a whole bunch to do and I had stuffed the hamburgers with cheese and sun dried tomatoes which traditionally has made them very difficult to grill and makes a mess of the gril.

So this time I made the patties and smoked them at 225 for a bit under an hour with one chunk of wood in the smoke box.

Amazing results and no messy grill to clean up and LOTS of bergers done fast (in my 55 5 - 10 oz per rack 5 racks 25 perfect bergers in under an hour)

in searching the forums I could not find a suggestion or topic like this could this be a new idea or am I just a crummy searcher?

Hopefully the master of all things BBQ Old Smokey will set me straight.

in any event smoke your hamburgers you will be glad you did.
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A few comments on my orginal Post

1) I do not sing professionally I would like to but I would go broke quick and might get shot.
2) Comments on Bison - that is exactly what I used - took Bison and choped up some cranberries with a bit of oil mixed the Bison meat and a few good shots of scotch with that then made two thin patties and stuffed them with a mixture of a Glenphilly Cheese which is a cheddar cheese with malt whisky from Ilchester England some Itialian sun dried tomaotes that I chopped up and some of the oil the tomatoes came in. Worked out real well. That is what got me thinking of smoking the bergers with the Bison it is so lean that if I over cooked it would dry out huge plus the cranberries would burn. Worked out real well.
Have not done much Bison, but have done a whole lot of Elk. Elk hamburger, tenderlion, sausage, etc. etc. My brother in law gets seveal Elk each seson in Colorado brings them back home and uses a great processor.

Elk and Bison are really good. We even do our chile with Elk or Bison.

I had read about the stuff burgers so I gave it a try. I stuffed them with blue cheese and threw them in the smoker.
They were good looking burger but I should have waited for them to cool a bit. On the first bite, the cheese squirted out the side like a giant zit, burning my face and splashing on the floor. After getting over my shock and cleaning up the mess I went back to eating. Just a regular burger at that point, the cheese had completely flown the coop. These days, I attempt to find a restaurant version before I do it myself. Hopefully, I'll have an idea of what I'm up against.
Blue cheese is a bit strong, especially if you put too much in. I'd go with something else.

I did about 3 pounds of burgers today. I made them out of ground whole packer briskets I bought at walmart. Best burgers ever. I took some up to 170 for my wife, but enjoyed my thicker ones at around 140-145. I have more confidence in pink hamburger when I grind it myself. Plus, Brisket was 2.29 a pound and most ground beef was way over 3.00 a pound.

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