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I would like a recommendation(s)of a BBQ restaurant in Memphis, TN. I will be there for just one day and would like to visit a BBQ restaurant that is good and also typical of Memphis BBQ.
I must tell you, since I have started using my Cookshack and took the Backyard Cooking class by Cookshack,I have been more critical of many BBQ restaurants in Kansas City and Topeka (where I live). I guess thats what happens when you get a Cookshack.:-)

Many thanks in advance.

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Kinda depends on what you are hunting.Like KCMO,there are a couple places that are "destination" restaurants that you might visit for the history,etc.

It has always been considered a pork rib town,although there are also some fine pork shoulder sandwich joints.

It has traditionally been known for its dry rub loinbacks and a less sweet sauce on the side.

Some places are best at certain times.

A couple specialties like BBQ Spaghetti,should be sampled.

I believe the major bbq joint on Beale Street may use CS smokers.

Naturally,stay away from the chains and a particular FoodTV show restaurant.
Yep,several fit into my categories of specific times/products.
A couple you could save time and stop at your local national chain,before leaving home and then eat fried chicken,or burgers in Memphis. Big Grin

Depends on wants and needs .

As most of us that travel have learned,Guy and ttriple D,go to the less publicized as good,and film the others.

Although,late at night,when others are closed,the weather is bad,Leonard's does have an acceptable pork shoulder sandwich platter,if they are on the way back to your motel.
Well, respectfully Tom. I'd gladly go with your experience when I'm there next year if you've got one or two to recommend. Much better than an internet list I've come up with.

Like Tom says, if you hit Beale St, you can't go wrong. If we don't get a personal recommendation, maybe a local can share something when you get there. I was there 30 some years ago, but my memory (and barbecue experience then) leaves something to be desired. Big Grin
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Originally posted by TheBear:
If I only had time to visit one BBQ joint in Memphis, it would be the Rendezvous.

See, that's why it's fun. I would never recommend Rendezvous. It's not BBq. It's HOT it's FAST and to me it's just too overpriced and the quality is very very inconsistent.

The list of top 10 is good (it lists rendezvous at #7) but it's just hard to go with just one.

Like ALL commercial places, it depends on when you hit them. If you hit them after a rush, the food usually suffers.
There is a man from the South that knows his fried chicken.

I take some folks to the Rendezvous for the history,Friday at lunch the ribs are acceptable,but other than that try the pork shoulder sandwich and some beans.

Sit in the old barber chairs and drink the ice cold bear.

Go at closing time at night for a couple cold beers,listen to the jukebox and watch/listen to the help as they clean up.

Other than that,tell us specifically what you want and when you want it and where you are.

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