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Like GLH says,but keep in mind that there is no "rule" that ribs have to have X amount of space between slabs,or can't ever touch.

They are going to be in the cooker for several hours,and as long as the air flow isn't completely blocked,heat and smoke will get to everywhere.

They may have to be shifted more often,and the door opening means you add some time at each shifting,but just plan for it.

You can buy disposable grill racks and put small blocks between them,like the jerky guys do.

Just a couple of thoughts.
I just did 4 slabs of baby backs in a 008. I bought 2 of the rib/potato holders at Lowes and cut 2 of the slabs in half to be able to better fit in the racks. By putting the 2 of the half slabs in different slots on the holder I was able to put a full slab in a slot on the holder and then kind of wrap it around the holder and place it on a rack in my 008. I then did the same thing with the other 2 slabs and the other rib holder and placed them on a second rack. I hope that this makes sense.
I built two rib racks 14"x14" and can get 12 14" racks in or 12 half depending on the length of the rib. The racks lean at a 45deg angle tward the back of the smokette. Six slots each. I started using the generic rib/potato racks but found that upright ribs take up too much space. If I built three racks I could do 18 pieces.

If you purchase the five slot rack holders and a few more racks you can really squeese in a lot of meat!!

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