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i was over in retaurant depot and bought a cryo of beef hanger steak

it came with 2

dont know the grade but they were needing a lot of trimming of silver skin and such and i took it all off

tied them up cause they were kind of floppy

rubbed them down with worchestishire and gave them a middlin dose of montreal steak seasonin g and some pepper

but something come up and we didn't cook them
so they sat covered in the icebox for 24 hours

next day

set the fec 100 for 224 and let it settle in then turned her down to 180 and dumped heat twice so the fire wont go out

when the fec started smoking good i put them in ice cold and smoked until 100 degrees inside temperature

let them rest while i got a good charcoal fire going and charred them nice until they hit about 115 120 in there

let them rest again these things were good im going to presmoke my beef before grilling from now on

juicy to .
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If it's a short time, like 15 minutes while getting a charcoal fire going, it's fine.

Another steak I like on occasion is flap steak, which is often confused with hanger steak. It's a less expensive, thin wide cut, run through the butcher's tenderiser, cooks up in no time, pretty tasty, and also takes well to marinade. It's actually kind of fun to cook cause you're flipping a rather large flappy hunk of meat around. If you like your steak cooked medium-well or well done, give flap steak a pass and spend your money on a better cut of beef. Like flank and hanger steaks, flap steak will rapidly get tough and dry if you cook it past the medium-rare stage. Bet it takes smoke on well like the hanger steak.
i enjoy butcherin and i took off anything that would not feel right in your mouth .

hanger steak is a nicely marbled piece of beef the grain runs lengthwise and sliced thin at med rare came real tender

it aint for full smoking though lay on your smoke and then grill it up crispy . i like it .

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