I have lots of you to thank, so thank you all. I researched the websight before I purchased my smokette elite and read lots of the recipes and lots of your questions and answers. My first round of ribs were perfect. My first pork butt was excellent. I am doing my first brisket this weekend. Prep it right, throw it in, shut the door, and leave it alone. I can do that. Thanks again, great forum. Big Ben, Nebraska.
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Let the smoker do the work and NO PROBLEMS.

I guess it does help to read a little.

Nice job and can we get pictures? Thats my next project, but I need to study a little more, on the pictures.(LOL)

Use that KISS method on the brisket and no problems!
Thanks for your response. KISS is my new motto for Q. I was getting pretty good at ribs in my convection oven, but never could get anything right on my grill. Bargain smokers, no way. I tried a propane water smoker. Too much temperature fluctuation, poor results. The cookshack made better ribs that all of my previos attempts 1st try. I never even had the confidence to try a butt. Perfect 1st time. I can't screw this up, I love it! I am a true Q believer. I hope this will help the next poor backyard rookie take the plunge. Thanks again! Big Ben, Nebraska.
I did my maiden smoke this weekend with SM025. A slab of ribs and the results were outstanding! Just load it, set it and come back 5 hours later. After years of constantly tending my electric water smoker this has been a true breakthrough. There's a lot more smoking in my future now that the time sink has been removed.
What a fantastic product!! And without this forum I would never achieved the level of success I've enjoyed. Thanks to all of you.

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