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This is the first wekend with my model 66. @0500 this morning started a 7.5# Butt. As per the readings here, temp is set to 225 and the meat probe is set to trigger @ 193. I am a little nervous, but I expect all will be fine. Pictures and updates later. Thanks to all that have passed on their knowledge.

Rev. Rick
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Rev -- Remember, patience is the key. Don't open the door to check the butt. Let your CS do it's thing. Don't freak out when the temp stalls between 160* and 175*. The butt is cooking slowly thru the plateau where fat and collagen is being broke down.

My guess is that the butt will take a minimum of 15 hrs and possible 18+. Patience!

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Good luck & happy Qing!!! Big Grin
Wheelz, thanks for the advise. I actually had a father/son thing going on today. I was not home and purposefully was not in touching range of the CS so that patience was the only option. Thanks!
SmokinOkie, @ internal 176 (when I return home), I ran the temp up to 250. Thanks for that, dinner was ready @ 1900.
Arrowhead16, I used a combination of the complimentary chicken rub, dark brown sugar and kosher salt over a mustard slathering.

The butt turned out very tender, very juicy and very tasty. You people really know your stuff out here. I am turning around another butt tonight (yes, I am addicted already) This one was marinated in my own marinade of lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, season all, granulated garlic, and chinese five spice. I have used this marinade on the grill for nearly 20 years and everyone tells me it's great, so I thought I would would use it on the next burn. Will let you know how that turns out. I have not posted pics on a forum like this before, but I am up to trying. I have a few from the first butt. They should be next. Thanks again for everythin. This forum is now going to be part of the daily web check. Look forward to talking to you all.

Rev. Rick


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