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wife came home with large london broil instead of the brisket I ask for. shoould i try to smoke this ? I did 2 nice rib eyes and they were great except fot 2 much smoke. about 1in thick smoked for i hr,let sit 1 hr then put on grill about 3-4 min each side. turnrd out real good and tender. Same for the london broil except LONGER?? I am thinking 3 hr and a little longer on the grill. btw i did not use any water in the water pan. Am I on the right tract???? I plan to rub the broul and rest all night ????
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You can still smoke a round rump roast. I did one this past Saturday and it turned out great!! Very moist!!!! I seldom use my oven in the house. The Smokin-Tex works better.

As far as flank steak (or London Broil) is concerned, I either grill that on a 600º grill, or slice it up and make jerky out of it in my smoker.

I'm surprised Dan didn't mention this- How about Baltimore Pit Beef??? Season however you like (Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder are pretty standard), sear and cook over a hot/med fire to whatever doneness you and your eaters like- 120* or so in the middle will give you rare inside to medium on the outsides if its a good sized hunk o' beef. Slice thin, put on Kaiser rolls with horseradish/mayo and tons of sliced onions. Yuuuuum!
Just for clarity's sake. I think everyone is saying that a roast from the "round" is ok (top being better than bottom), however it needs to be shaped (cut) like a sirloin roast...round or square-ish. "Most" London Broil type round is perhaps 2 to 3 inches thick, only, and needs high heat, fast cooking, served rare, angle-sliced across the grain...grill type cooking.

The "roast" can be slow cooked, but IMHO also needs to be rare/med.rare or it is pretty tough. (note: Round Roast is traditionally the least in Chicago...that Italian Beef sandwiches are made from...but that's a WHOLE other topic!!)

OR you can slice the London Broil thin, and make jerky from it!
One thing we like to do in this household (since we like meat really rare) is to get a nice London Broil, marinade it, then freeze it. When we're ready to cook it we take it right out of the freezer and throw it on the grill. Cook until the inside is no longer frozen. (Fork test)

Allows you to cook the outside a lot longer, getting that nice grill crust and still retain a rare interior. Yummy.
Originally posted by david bremer:

Sorry been busy at work!!!

Lets see, I smoked the roast in my ST at 250º, pulled it out form the smoker at 132º internal and let rest......perfect, moist, pink on the inside!!! I don't know the amount of time?? Maybe 2-3 hours? I only go my internal temps.

The flank steak, sliced thin and rubbed with jerky seasoning from Hi MOuntain, I smoke for about 2 hours at 250º max temps....I open the door and just check the jerky.....then lete it cool on the counter, then place it in the fridge in a zip-loc bag.....It's better the next day....


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