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I know its just a tad early for this, but besides Jack & Peggy, who is going to Minneola this year? I was able to plan our "this years" vac to Leesburg, just 20 miles north of there so we could attend one of these events. And maybe meet some of you folks. And possibly.. taste some of YOUR cooking.

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Naw,we'll come by and sponge off your hospitality and play with "killer".

If Mary allows us,we'll judge and try to pick up your "secrets".

John& Craig will be just getting back from the Jack,and Barbara has a national math conference all week.

We have the Key Largo KCBS qualifier ,the next weekend.

We can't do" back to backs",like you experienced guys.

Say hi to Nina,

Well Tom could cook. The Jack rules now say that you had to cook with winning team at the contest that they qualified at to get into the Jack. Tom and Barbara did cook with Bobby and Lee that weekend we were vending.. So if they let the old man cook with them then I guess it would all be legal.

But he might eat all their cookies.

Unfortunately, they don't allow me to get anywhere neat the judge picking process. I actually help with all of the setup, the parking of teams, delivery of ice, etc. Basically a glorified grunt. But I enjoy it.

BTW, a good portion of the judges are celebrities, media types, vondors, etc. But regular KCBS judges are mixed in with the judging panel also. From what I understand, the picking of judges gets done by JD's public relations group. If I ever learn the secret to getting in, I will let you know.
Is there a printed list somewhere of the festivals or cook offs?If they would be that would be interesting for on-lookers, I am thinking I might talk my husband into entertaining me while in Florida by driving to one or two...I need something I can print out in case I cant get cable/telephone hooked up for my laptop.
if you can make it to minneola please drop by. it is a fun contest and is really supported by the city. on friday nite the kids come around trick or treating and even though it is the fba's state championships it is very laid back thanks to mary the organizer. if you do come please stop by. the rig is ez to find. big ole white thing with 2 red greyhounds in silloette (heck i can't spel gud)
trade ya 3 millers for 1 red stripe.
peg says dude enter all 4 categories just as ez.
if you run into any problems just ask. we will help and if we dont know how will find the good guys to ask like bill and the dixie chicks and kick the tires and man there3 are so many that helped us last year you just can't believe it!!!
make sure to tell mary this is your 1st time she will send you so much help it is unreal.
can't wait to meet you and hope the cane goes way south (cuba would be nice)
Thanks Jack! Looking forward to meeting you and Peggy too.

Having never cooked a brisket or whole shoulder before, I'll pass on those categories for now and learn what I can from you pros. I usually stick with the quicker cooking versions like beef short ribs and pork country style ribs.

Hi folks. My wife and I pulled into Ft Pierce today at 6:00pm. Just in time to unload the truck and wait for Wilma. Should hit nearby us by 5:00am I think. RaiderBill... any chance you can make Minneola Sat?? We will be there to see all these good folks (around their turnin schedules that is) along with Kathy & Larry. Hope Kathy made the trip ok.

Good luck to all.....

well, We made it in okay.But we bailed too and are in Spring Hill until we hear if the trailer blew away.We talked to a friend who stayed and is still in the shelter as we speak.It is raining so hard you can't see.
Also my husband got his first speeding ticket on the way over to the west coast in a speed trap on state 50 for 180.00 which he blames on the hurricane too.
But hopefully we will be in Minneola.
Cadillac, I was going to call you but didn't want to bother ya.Hope you are in a safe place.The trailer just wasn't safe enough.
just got off the phone with mary. she called since we didn't know how hard orlando area got hit. the event is still on and the sites will be about as damp as last year and that wasn't bad. as far as the number of teams go peggy didn't ask but by my score sheet from last year they had 28 teams.
all i hope is that myron mixon and davey and jacks old south is there. them and bill and the dixie chicks are who i use as my personal gauge. but to be honest i would love to see 100 teams there just because minneola supports the event so well.
Well... we went to the event. We met up with Kathy & her husband there. Went and visited with Jack & Peggy. Ate some very good smoked meats. Sampled rootsman's jerk. He was right about that hot sauce! Met Bill & his wife although we didnt get to talk much, we tasted their pulled pork. Saw the folks at homebbq but time didnt permit me talkin to them. All in all a great day with very good food. We had to leave before judging and are curious on the results. Thanks for all the hospitality shown especially from Jack & Peggy.

Bob, It was great to meet you. I thought all of you were one family, but Jack says Kathy and her husband were also part of the entourage! Sorry I didn't get all that straight. You were sure a fun bunch to be around!

Rootsman, That callaloo you sent home with us was great. We had black eyed peas and rice with it. I fixed it the way you told me. If any of you ever get a chance to try Rootsman's food, you should dive in. I'm already craving the pork you let us sample!

Had a great time. The FEC cooked wonderfully. We just didn't please the judges very well, but will keep on trying. I think Jack's ribs were the best I'd ever eaten anywhere.

Well my first competition was a lot of fun. I came 18th in chicken and 8th in ribs and sold sufficient food to cover all my cost.

I was fairly happy (as happy as one can be without winning)with the results considering jerk is out of the ordinary with most judges in terms of appearance and taste. Jerk can be perceived as overdone based on the darkening effects of jerk. I'd probably score much higher with a real mild jerk.

One customer came up and bought an order of jerk pork from me. Upon tasting he went "WOW, this is awesome, how much more am I able to buy to take home."

Jack, Peggy, John, Bob, Mary, Dan, Tom, et al, it was great meeting you all. Bob, that habenero sauce on the side is real hot; I warned you. Jack, glad you like the callaloo (Jamaican greens for the information of others).
Eat jerk. Be happy, Mon!
Placed 18th in chicken and 8th in ribs

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