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So I fired up my trusty 50 to smoke a couple of pork butts and discovered that the thermostat doesn't seem to work. I don't hear the click when you first move the thermostat dial and the temp shot up way past 250* up to 350 or better when I pulled the plug to shut it down. Did the same thing when it cooled down and I tried again, it got hot enough to get the walls and door smoking without the wood box. Anyone run into this or have any ideas? Will pull the back panel and poke around before I call Cookshack on Tuesday, but any suggestions appreciated. Thanks-
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Hi, i have the same problem and still don't know what to do, i really hope that this forum is going to help! I sped all my time cooking because it makes me feel better, i have some health issues, and i was spending time searching for drugs from .Cooking is the only thing that makes me forget about it! Please help with this! Confused
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The thermostat control itself went bad. There was no audible click when I turned the knob. I wound up replacing the thermostat/sensor assembly (one piece) with a new one from Cookshack, part #PA300 Thermostat. $109.25 and comes with a replacement decal. The fillips screws holding the thermostat are underneath the decal, a clamp and nut hold the probe in place. It wasn't too difficult to do and I was back in business in an hour.I cheated and re-used the rtv plug that seals the hole the temp probe feeds through in the back wall. Took a little while for the temp swings to settle down but it's working like a champ now. Hope this helps,Good luck-

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