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I have my 008.... and now it is time to get rid of using gas entirely.

Looking to spend $300 - $500 on a charcoal grill... would like it to have height adjustments for the grilling irons....

Durability is a prime concern... nothing flimsy...

Big enough to handle enough food for up to 12 at a time.

No smoker needed as I have an 008...

Thoughts? Thanks.
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Thanks Fellas, but Weber doesn't seem to have what I am looking for. Mt brother has one he bought with no name on it... it looks sort of like a heavy duty offset smoker, without the smoker part. It is REALLY heavy duty metal.

He paid $75 used at a yard sale....

The grates raise and lower 3 different levels. I think if he treats it well, he'll have it another 20 years... he was told that it was already 8 - 10 years old...

Knowing I won't likely find one for $75, the concept of what he has is what I am looking for.

An old topic but still relevant today. I have four (4) grills/smoker. My CS (Electric), my custom Texas wood smoker, my Lynx gas grill, and a Weber 22" Performance charcoal grill. I need to replace my charcoal grill, the Weber just isn't built well. 3-4 years old and my daily grill, but I've replaced the grill grate, the top grate, and the ash sweepers. Some more than once. Replacing my ash sweepers for the 3rd time I found that the bottom of the kettle is corroded and cracking. So just not worth to keep replacing parts every year or so, even though it was and they are cheap.  I want a proper charcoal grill that will last.

Looking at the PK360.  I want some portability, roll around the patio, and need about 350 sq in of cooking surface. I like having a lid to control temp, etc... but want low maintenance, long lasting.  I use wood charcoal, larger chunks which really burn hot. I think the weber couldn't handle the heat.

Anyone else have any suggestions here?

I have an old weber in the 26/27 inch area bought in 1986.  The only problems I have experienced is the burning of the wooden handles because I experimented with a combination of splits and lump charcoal (replaced) and no chrome left on the grid.  I need to find a low cost stainless steel grid.  The PK has been around a very long time.  Like the old reliable Ducane grills of years gone by, the body is cast aluminum. The only downside is the aluminum can be reactive to acidic sauces and such creating pitting.  But while annoyingly ugly, it is minor, and should last a good long time.  

The PK 360 looks to be one of the better options. I looked at Everdure, but not feeling materials are up to longevity, plus no lid. Pretty cool rotisserie arrangement though. My 22" weber has corroded and cracked down at the ash collection hole. I've replaced those wings 3 times in 3 years, as well as all internals. I expected the bowl and lid to last a long time. I contacted Weber warranty and they requested a send a photo of the condition. I'll have to disassemble again. A new bowl only is like $200. Hardly worth that. I think I paid about $350 for this Performer Model. It cooks great but is not a long lasting unit. It is really hard to find well built things today!

BGE, best grill you can buy for a lifetime grill, if and only if you want a top quality lifetime grill. That can produce top quality food every time. Used in every top competition, by contest requirements that every entrant use a BGE to cook one meal. Once brought up to temperature, the BGE is very fast to turn over food with great taste.


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