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It may have a few temp swings that will reduce to a few degrees once the smoker seasons after a few smokes. Get a remote probe and check the accuracy of both (212* in boiling water and 32* in ice water). You should probably be OK.

Also, during the start of smokes the thermostat will stay on right at the beginning in order to make sure the wood smokes. It should start to settle at the set temperature after 20-30 minutes.
I have a CS020, you got yourself one fine smoker. When I have a brisket in it and I kick it up 25* more towards the end of the smoke it will over shoot by about 15* then under shoot by the same and then level out within a few minutes.

Just set it and let the smoker do the work. Then take all the credit when you get folks wanting you to smoke all the time.Just don't tell them how easy it is.

Your gonna love that smoker!!!
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Posted February 27, 2010 03:29 PM
Just fired up the new smoker. Set the temp at 225 for a ham.Temp runs higher than the setting. Does the thermostat have a tendancy to run higher than the selected temp?

Just an added note. When I first got my 055 (no electronic controller just a thermostat), I checked the temp inside the smoker on my first cook. When the smoker was set to 225, the temps ranged from 180 up to 265+. Yup, that's about 45 deg on either side so I was happy. Haven't checked the temps since.

And if the 'product' you produce in the smoker is what you want, that's all that counts. Doesn't matter what temps the smoker used to turn out the product.

Your 020 should do better with the electronics - - but I wouldn't worry about temp swings.

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