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I got my SM020 (smokette essential) yesterday and seasoned it today. There are two concerns: the first I found answers for on seaching the forum. The door leaks some smoke at the top of the door -- no big deal and I will give it some time. The second is that the electrical connector was not fully inserted through the hole so that the cabinet top interferes engaging the connector from the contoller. I had to pull the female connector trough and wedge it in position to plug in the male connecto from the controller. Now the female connector is under tension, so I'm concerned about longevity of the joint. Should I be concered?

It sure did smell good in the back yard. Pork butt tomorrw.
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Originally posted by mike boggs:
Might be a dumb question but my daughter ask me if you could cook apple or cherry pies in me fec 100 any one no?


You might want to start this as a new question in the FE forums since they are very different from the electric CS's.

Yes you can, but why would you?
And to think I get off track Smiler

I finally got ahold of cookshack and the guy suggested pulling the back off (instead of the top). The connector was being crowded by the insulation and there was not quite enough stress relief in the wires, which were both easily fixed after I opened it up. I really did not want to send it back. they are going to hear about it on the registration, though. when you get the Cadillac, you don't expect to be making repairs on the way home.

Now for that pork butt!
The pork butt came out great! It sure did look dark because of the rub, I think, but tasted great. I used about 6 oz of Pecan wood at 235F of a 7+ lb piece of meat. I was concerned it would overcook overnight if I did it at 250F like Oakie suggests. It got to 178F in 8 hr. I turned it up to 250F and it took about 3 more hrs to get to 205F.
I sent a "complaint" into customer service at and never heard back. So I tried again but this time to the boss (Stuart) and darned if I did not hear back within 1/2 an hour and late at night. And then I heard back again today. I am pretty impressed with that personal interest from the CEO. I'm hooked.

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