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i have had this 105 model smoker ever since my Dad's passing in 1990.  i have used all these years and never replaced anything on it.  Now i need some things for it and i fear it may be too late to get any!  i would like to do an overhaul of , element, controls and, and sensors. i know its a long shot but i thought i would throw it out there.  Help! anyone?

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You have a couple of options.  TEMCO manufactures and sells analog bulb and capillary controllers. And a company called WATTCO manufactures the carload heating element.  If yoked digital, TEMCO has that but Auber would be simpler.  And of course, CS may have some new old stock laying around.  Good luck!


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thanks for the feedback guys it turns out though every time I email Cookshack no one ever gets back with me, and that’s why I have reached out to the blog.  I knew that someone out there had to have had this problem, and dealt with it before.  I really appreciate you all’s suggestions and help, and I will see what I can do.  I guess I will try to email Cookshack again and I’ll see if I can get some help!  In the meantime I will explore the options you all gave.  
thanks, Big Mike

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