It has performed like a champ for 15 years... went to fire up the old FEC-100 last week, and, nothing.

Haven't called Customer Service yet. I'm not very handy at all, any suggested possible fixes?



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Well, you can get a replacement controller.  When this happened to me, I decided to bite the bullet and update mine with an FEC 100 controller.  Yeah, the price is steep but man is it ever nice.  The new controllers actually have a smoke cycle built in and works great.


What did tech support have to say?  They are pretty good at troubleshooting and fixing things. The IQ5 Is a nice, but pretty steep upgrade.  If you don't want o spring for that and want to try a cheap fix, you could try a replacement PID controller.  Give Dennis at Smoke Daddy Inc. a call.

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There is a fuse on the back of the controller. If you loosen the two screws that hold it to the box you can pull it forward. You can replace the fuse. If it resolves it then you move on. If it blows it again then you have another problem. I went through the drill with my Old Traeger a few months back. Turned out the auger somehow get bent and was no longer turning freely - causing the motor to bind up. Needless to say two blown fuses and one burnt out motor later I figured out what the root cause was and fixed the bent auger, replaced the motor and the fuse and she's up and running again. I would start with the fuse first - cheapest point to start at.


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You can give tech support a call and we can assist in trouble shooting. If you have no power it could be a connection issue. Some of the units had a thermal safety that could trip and may just need reset. If you can get a hold of a multi tester and give us a call we can help figure it out.

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