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Rod did it again and pulled off another GC in Sylvan Grove. I tried to give him a run on it but he showed everyone who the top cook was. Congrats to Rod and Sheri on another great contest win.

We had a heck of a time with the weather. The rain and wind made for some challenging cooking conditions on Friday night. I was really glad I was not cooking on a log burner. I did find it interesting that FE's finished 1 and 2.

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Here's to show you how well he cooked:

Carcass Cookers - RGC
Chicken: 1st
Ribs: 2nd
Pork: 5th
Brisket: 2nd

Pellet Envy - GC
Chicken: 6th
Ribs: 1st
Pork: 2nd
Brisket: 1st

He beat me by at least 18 points and almost all of them came in the brisket. He cooked a 176 brisket which is pretty amazing considering the conditions. Any other time I would have been pretty sure about the GC with the places I had. But with Rod there I knew it came down to points. And he had a lot more of them than I did.

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Thnx folks! I was sure Mark had won GC with four calls in the top five. We thought we had tanked our chicken. I think we got away with one there. They don't call this place Hell Creek for nothing. Wow, was that a storm. I'm not a bit surprised that FE's finished 1 -2, especially with the weather. I think pellet heads have a big advantage over the other guys with the skies turn black. Well, as long as there is a power source!!!

Congrats to Mark & Jen, they drove 400 miles on their sixth anniversary to cook a barbecue contest is horrible weather, not to mention being chased by a tornado. Happy anniversary honey! LOL


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