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I haven't heard anything out of Danny for 4-5 yrs.His wife Carolyn was always very active in all Danny did.
I just heard about some folks that traveled thru there and said the food was still good,but it was being run like no one cared.I maybe heard that Danny was taking a more active role,but I don't know.I heard once that he had some health problems,but don't know.You hear all kind of things on the web.

The folks in NM have set up to have a contest with FLBBQ Assoc training the reps and judges,but not sanctioned .I heard they have over 90 teams set to cook and have a lot of money to sponsor.This comes from our Pres last month.
Bagby/Swamp Boys is supposed to be holding a cooking class out there when I talked to him.
I'd think that group would know what Danny is up to.
Tom. I made the rub option and grilled some 2" loin back chops for dinner, cut from a whole pork loin. Half way through the cook I began to baste the loin chops with the glaze/sauce. They turned out spectacular. Very flavorful...for pork loin.

Sorry if all my recipes sound like they are great. They are. But I should post my occasional failures, which still aren't bad.

Seems like since I joined this forum, I'm just a better cook than I used to be.
Yep, it is pretty funny sometimes. I think it was last summer, made four racks of loin backs and had friends over. One of the racks was smaller than the others and I forgot to take it out early. Yes, alcoholic beverages were involved, so it ended up being WAY over cooked.

One of my tiny, skinny friends who never eats a lot, three maybe four bones, says she loves "fall off the bone" ribs. I thought she was just being nice, but then to everyone's amazement, she then proceeds to demolish the entire rack.

So even failures can end up being the star of the show. We still tease her about it. Did you eat this week? Or are you laying claim to one of the slabs?

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