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I own an Amerique Model 66, which incidentally I love. I am interested in participating in some "fun cooks" in the local area, but some of the places don't have electrical hookups. I am looking at buying a portable generator, but see them in all sizes and don't know what kind to get; what is large enough; etc. Obviously, I would prefer it be on the quieter side noise-wise. Thanks.
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Thanks for the input SmokinOkie. For example, in my recent Cabela's sale notice I see a Champion Weekender 3,500 watt generator with wheel kit and cover (68db, but don't know how loud that is) with 400 watt peak power that will run 12 hours for $299. Then they have a smaller Generac 2,000 watt with a 4.7 hr run time for $499. I'm hoping the run time is until you add gas as would need longer than that.
volts x amps = watts

so read how many amps your smoker pulls, its on a label on the smoker itself somewhere near the plug I would imagine

so 10 amps times 120 volts = 1200 watts and thats what your generator is sized in.

I would try and size mine about 80% of the rated load.

If you really want quiet I would suggest one of the RV inverter generators such as honda, yamaha, or similar....costly but much nicer on the ears, and after listening to a motor run for 12 hours, you may appreciate quiet.
Just guess, but if you pay less than $1,000 you're probably get a noisy generator.

The cheaper ones are basically just gasoline/lawn mower engines with some electronics and they're noisy.

The nicer ones (like the honda) have more insulation and other things to make it run quite, and they do run much quiet.

You can always just get a much longer extension cord and put it farther away from you if you need to.
Thanks for all the input. I'm going to look at the inverter styles. I have a buddy that has one of those Honda ones that he paid around $900 for. I'm going to borrow it from him and see how it works. I'm just planning on doing some local and fun type competitions, but I really like my Amerique for my long cooks. I also have a Big Green Egg and a Primo Oval. Next thing is to figure out how to travel with this stuff, or part of if, and which part!
I have owned my Honda EU2000i for 3 years now and love it. I bought it mainly for camping, just this last week we went camping and were watching the TV outside (had to catch the Broncos game). The neighbors noticed and said they couldn't even hear the generator until they came to camp. We made some new friends.

Yes the Honda is a bit more pricey, however I kind of compare it to my cookshack. Sometimes it it worth it simply for peace of mind.

I also plan on doing some comp cooking just to say I've done it. Still on my bucket list.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
You could run it off an inverter and a battery, just depends on how long you run it as to how big a battery you need.

I think some people have done that.

Otherwise you'll have to spend a lot of money on a quiet generator, and those type cost as much as your AQ.

How long can you run off the inverter befor you need to start up and recharge?

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