I am interested in PB 500. I have had GM and recently sold my Yoder ys640 pellet smoker. On the PB 500 does the temps overshoot when coming back up after opening door or do they settle close down close to set temp? 2nd does the fans run continually or does it cycle on and off?

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I believe you mean the PG 500.  The temps do overshoot a bit but it's not too bad. I have never heard my fan turn off if the switch is on. All I can tell you is that this smoker/grill is amazing. I love everything I've made on it and its a pleasure to use. I got rid of my gasser and use this for everything. The only downside as a grill is that it's a little dark and hard to see. I have had plenty of space for us but if you want to cook 30 burgers at once that will be tough. I've had no trouble fitting in 10-12 burgers, 6-10 chicken breasts, or 4-8 steaks.  And I love what I've smoked on it!

We often get too worried about temperature variances..... Just look at the average oven!

The real issue is WHAT sets the PG500 out against the rest of the pellet cookers?

There ARE SO MANY reasons to purchase a PG5oo or PG1000 that I cannot begin to list them all at this writing.

Hopefully others will chime in here soon!



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