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2004 model 160 not functioning properly, display shows 100 degrees, oven heats to set temp and shuts off, then resets.  Telephone call to CS, they say its the control board, $1200.00 replacement part.  Not willing to spend that, but hate to scrap this smoker.  Anyone had any success bypassing with a PID controller or other fix?  I have read some old posts, but nothing current with this smoker.

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My answer will not be of much help but here goes.  The smoker is 20 years old so it has had a good run. You could take the control board to an electronics shop/computer repair shop and have a tech test each component with a meter and replace the dead component and hope for the best; keeping in mind that if one component is dead, others may be not be far behind.  If it were mine, and it was in good condition, I would replace the board in its entirety and enjoy another 20 years of use.  If you go the do it yourself route, TEMPCO has PID controllers as does Auberins. Could be a lot of work rewiring your smoker and you may not get the results you are after.  Companies typically will not accept returns on electronic parts so you might be taking a chance.  Personally, I would still go with a new board and get back to smoking.

It can be done.

For $200.00 I converted a 1993 model 105 cs to do almost what the control board did.

As a matter of fact if I tried harder my PID would control it better.

If I remember right,  all you do is gut the controller wire in a plug to the heating element,  plug it in the PID, power to the PID, program the PID, SET AND FORGET.

If you research my name you will find what I gleaned to do mine.

Paul B

Thanks Old Sarge and Paul for the thoughtful replies.  I am not very gifted in the electronics department, so maybe I can find someone to make it work.  I have a second unit, so still smoking, but want this smoker back on line.   I would be happy converting it into a simple manual control smoker, like my smokette, or use strictly as a holding oven.

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