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I visited a local KCBS competition recently and participated in a "peoples choice" event. One of the meats was Pulled Pork. Now I cooked Pork Butt before, but most of the meats had been seasoned after pulling. It clearly was not sauce. My personal favorite was a sliced pork that had great flavor and was very moist, however I did enjoy some of the seasoned pulled versions. My question is do some of you season after pulling and if so could you share some of your favorite recipes?
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It could have been any number of flavor components added to the meat. Possibilities include:
finishing sauce (typically a vinegar based thin sauce)
pork au jus
seasoning rub
MSG spritz (yup, some teams use it)

Search FIND for SmokinOkie's finishing sauce. I tweaked S.O's version just a bit and find it adds great flavor without masking the flavor of the meat.
The Memphis teams must show their 1/2 dozen 16-18 lb shoulders on the cooker,so they don't have the chance to season after pulling.Thus,the world of injecting came about.

The rest can season as they pull,as you might slightly accent the basic product.Salt and pepper might be used lightly on even the highest priced,best prepared beef.

One thing we sometimes forget is that the product being served may be supposed to taste like what it is.

Good judges like to see if you can actually cook the meat correctly.

The thought, over the years ,is if you can't cook correctly ,you cover it with ketchup,sauce,gravy,marinades,etc.

Just a couple of thoughts to ponder.
I ALWAYS season after pulling. I use some of my finishing sauce (see PB 101) and I'll grind up some of the rub I used and make it a little more fine (more the size of table salt). You have to do that last step because many rubs have large grain that won't dissipate and then when you eat it, it tastes like rock salt.

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