Do I have a problem? Smoker is outside in Texas heat, but if I go to adjust, the setting that I put it on displays (225). My probe temp has actually gone down 5 degrees after 12 hours of smoking a 9 lb brisket. Any advice?
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Well, let's see if I can help. If you're cooking at 225* and change the setting to say 250*, that will be the new target for the smoker. As soon as you change it, it will again read 225* because that's the oven temperature that is shown. The oven reading will continue to rise slowly until the oven temp hits your target of 250*. The oven temp will always show except when you change the target temp(the new target temp only shows for a few seconds,then back to oven temp).

Your brisket will hit a plateau and stay in a very tight temperature range for hours. The temperature can actually drop by as much as 10* while in the plateau. This plateau occurs as the fat renders inside the brisket. This occurs all the time with brisket and Pork Butt. Very normal. No worries. After a few hours in the plateau, the brisket temp will begin rising fairly quickly.
Thanks Pags - what didn't show in the post was the title. My temp was set at 225 and displayed 225 for about 10 hours, the the oven temp showed "HOT". If I arrowed either direction it showed 225 or 250 or 200 momentarily and then went back to "HOT". That is when I noticed the probe temp dropping. Didn't seem like the digital read out should/would do that. But, like I said, the smoker was in the blazing sun all day, not sure if it was heating up/faulting the digital box on top since it was 100 today.
Smokin just addressed a similar situation with an Amerique readout:

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I think the display itself got hot. It's and LCD, so keep it from getting direct sun and you'll be fine.

I didn't think it would matter, but I don't get the big bucks like Smokin. Big Grin So try it in the shade and see what happens. I'd still talk to Cookshack on Monday.
Your situations sounds different. I'm not sure what the "HOT" was meaning. In the other post, they lost the display.

call CS and has what the "HOT" indicates. It sounds like the probe was saying it had reached its temp and if the temp was dropping was it going into hold.

I gotta get one of the new ones for testing so I can figure it out.
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The HOT on the display means that the controller itself is above 200 F. We would not expect to see this unless something has faile with the unit. However we are finding that on these 100 plus degree days that if the unit are in direct sunlight that some are reaching those temperatures. This is really hard on control boards and we recommend shading the unit from the direct sunlight.
Thanks very much Stuart. I just ran into the same problem with my SM025 and your answer was very helpful. I just shaded my control box (its in the 90s today and its in direct sun, so hopefully it cools off and reads normally soon.
I just had the same thing happen with my new SMO25. Moved it into the shade and it's fine now. I wonder why they didn't build air vents into the housing. The components on any circuit board are heat sensitive and this would really help the board's useful life.
I also had the same problem with mine. I spoke with Bill from CS who advised to move it to the shade or place a towel over the controller to shield it from direct sunlight.

Moving it to a shaded area was not an option for me but I placed a small towel over the unit and after many successful smokes have not had the problem since.

Since the smoker by design is meant to be an outdoor appliance I do worry about the long term effect of heat on the board though. I guess only time will tell.

This thread is about ten years old.  You'd think that by now, Cookshack would have resolved this issue.   

Just experienced this issue with my SM045 smoker.  Ambient temp was about 90f outside and the control system was in direct sunlight.  Got the HOT led warning.  Covered it with a towel and it started working again.  

Thank you all for this thread.  It let me know quickly what the issue was.  

The Cookshack folks really should redesign this.  




I wonder if a piece of digital electronics is supposed to work in direct sunlight where the ambient operating temp (not air temp) can exceed 120 - 160 degrees F? Maybe with milspec, but for commercial, particularly residential, I'd be surprised. I provide shade (more for me than the smoker) for my sm-066 when necessary with a cheap popup tent or a tarp on my garage apron.

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