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I cooked temp vary between 225 and 245 my robe is a brown sugar base pepper Rica standard pork rub and I do rap for the stall I use salmon paper I just can't get it to crisp up before the stall. I just 2 10 pounders I was going to put them on about 9 tonight and try to push through the stall as opposed to wrapping any and all input is appreciated

If you are using a CS electric, my experience is the bark is never very crispy, I think because the cooker is very tightly closed and not much moisture escapes. I haven't wrapped my briskets, and the bark, while not very crispy, is definitely dark and intense. I think the sugar should help that. When I have done brisket and pork on a kettle-type cooker with charcoal, the bark is much more crispy. I guess my only advice is try not wrapping. Sorry that's not much help.

I don't wrap during the stall.  The Cookshacks are tight, and smoke on the wet side.  I am actually thinking about opening the door several times during my next brisket, or Pork smoke just to dump some moister.  I don't foil wrap before putting them in the cooler.  I use disposable foil trays, and pock holes in foil that goes over the top.  Open the drain on the cooler to keep the condensation down.  I have used brown sugar, but am now using turbinado sugar in my rubs. I do end up with sort of crispy bark. 

I am using a cook shack electric smoker as stated above.  I start my Briskets and Pork butts with a cold meat in a cold smoker, and set the temp for 220 degrees.  I am trying to get the most smoke on them I can before the IT hits 140 degrees.  I then turn the smoker up to 250 degrees and run it until time to go to bed.  I turn the smoker down to 200 over night, and the next morning I turn the smoker up to 275, and if I have to push the time 300.  This is how it turns out.


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