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Based on another thread, here's the Stillwater report:
What to post in a Contest Report

Blazathon, 4/1/05 � 4/2/05

About the contest:
The contest was held in the parking log of the Elks Lodge in Stillwater Oklahoma. Had about 45 teams entered. Great organizers, very interested in the teams, came around as asked if you needed anything. The parking lot kept it clean, weather was good. Not a whole bunch of public showed up, maybe 100 or so. Great teams were here, KCBS 2005 team of the year. At the cooks meeting, about � of the teams raised their hand when asked if they�d won either a GC or RGC. There were free sandwiches provided Friday evening. The charity supported by the month, provided team members with a freebie pocket knife. Weather was cold at night, in the 30s and in the 60s/70s in the day. No rain this year.

What things could have been improved at the contest? The location was okay. You have a chance when you sign up to select which lot you want. The lots on the north side are on the grass.

Entry Fees
KCBS contest $125
Anything Butt $20
Sauce $10
Beans $10

Prize Money
Grand = $2,000
RGC = $1,250
Category. Ribbon & Money 1st through 10th
Anything butt categories � takes a percentage of the pot based on # of entries

The winners
GC � Head Country II 653.7144
RGC � Twin Oaks Smokin Crew. 653.1426
Chicken � L&M BBQ 173.7144
Ribs � Twin Oaks Smokin Crew 176.5714
Pork � Turning and Burning 172.5716
Brisket � Beer Bait and BBQ � 178.2858
Anything Butt � Ring of Fire
Beans � Rub it Till it Smokes (Jack attended the Fall FE class)

The site didn't have the results posted for all teams entered, so I posted the winners only.

Sauce � Tom and Joshs Orgasmic Slabs

Photos of the site Have to see what came out on the camera Frowner

Two FE�s that I saw.
Jack with Rub it Till it Smokes and me with Smokin Okies

Other comments
Helped a lot of teams in the past, but this was the first official time out for SmokinOkies, just me and Mrs. Smokin' Had a great time, 5th in ribs was good with 3 36's so was happy with that. Other categories need some work Big Grin We finished 24th of 45 so right in the middle.

Good people, good fun.
Congratulations Smokin. I would be happy with those rib scores! Especially against that competition.

I can't believe the entry fee was only $125 with a $2,000 GC, a $1,250 RGC and money through tenth place. We are seeing contest down here in Florida under the FBA with $1,000 or less for GC and entry fees up to $300.

Thanks for the report.

Nice report Russ. I've been there. You described it perfectly. Always some serious competition at that contest. Congrats on your call. One down, three to go. Get to work on those other three and we'll see you on stage real soon.


P.S. - Did you and your son cook in Brainerd as a team a couple years ago?

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