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Can I use any kind of cheese for summer sausage, or is there a "special" cheese out there that does not melt as easily when smoking. I asked the owner of a local meat locker, and he said to use "heat cheese", which sounded suspiciously like "summer air in your car tires". I searched the forum and found no mention of anything like this. What cheese would be best to use, if there is no specialty cheese for this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I jave made summer sausage withregular store bought hot pepper cheese and cheddaewursts with regular everyday Kraft hard cheddar.

The day before you plan to stuff your casings just dice up the cheese, lay in a ziploc in a single layer and freeze overnight.

The next day mix with your ground meat & stuff.

Works great for me. Cheese never melts out, and sets up fine when the finished product is refrigerated.

Just my experience.

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