just bought a new sm025, and went to "season" the smoker, i set the temp at 225 but it went all the way up to 275??? why is this happening? i even backed down the temp to 200 but it still remained at 275????? could this be a bad thermostat? Let me just clarify one thing, the smoker was empty. i will be trying ribs sunday, i hope this problem goes away
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Try seasoning it with something in it. Even a pan of water would work. The new ones are designed with the element staying on for awhile to make sure the wood starts to smolder. I think you're OK, but try the water so you're not testing it the first time with the ribs. These things are beautiful so don't despair. You're going to love it.
Read this thread. About four posts from the bottom explains it. You'll be fine.

Read through this forum, especially "Lessons for new users" & Smokin's 101s. There is a wealth of info here Read, read & read some more!

Have fun! Big Grin
congratulation! you have just got you one fine smoker.There is a little bit of a learning curve to this beauty.

Wheelz has got you on the right track. The best thing you can do is loose that owners manuel and let this forum be your guide. There is more knowledge here than you will ever need and some of the finest people that you will ever meet.
I received my sm025 a few days ago. I am having a similar problem. The temp doesn't seem to bear any relation to what I set it at. What was the solution to your problem?
It takes several seconds before you can set the temperature of the smoker. Once the temp is set, the target temp you set disapears and the actual oven temperature registers. To see where the target temperature is set, hit the up/down button again, and the target temperature will show (just for a few seconds then the actual oven temperature will show again).

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