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Hey all,

So I have been looking on here for a little while now and have found some pretty good suggestions but I still have some doubts/concerns. I have a wedding to cook for this weekend (and no this is not my profession, just trying to be a good friend and was "volunTOLD" to help). The wedding is going to be large, about 375 people.

Anyways, the bride wanted to do top round and chicken breast. We are meat eaters up in the NW, so I told her about 200lbs of beef and 100lbs of chicken. I have the chicken under control, either doing a bbq style or italian dressing marinade. But my concerns are with this top round. I'm not sure which smoker I have, but its large (stands about 6' tall or so) and uses pellets. I also have about 5 friends that will bring there smokers over too.

I have seen on here people cooking it as a pulled style with temp around 195 (which I don't think I want to do) and then other people smoking it like brisket with the a temp of 135 or so. I think I want to go with the latter of the two. But I don't know how long it will take to smoke for it to get to that temp?!? I'm thinking of putting it in around 10p.m. and then pulling it out sometime that next morning. What are you thoughts? The wedding is at 5 on Saturday, so I figured I could try to have it all cooked and sliced by noon, and then sit in a cooler or some sort of warmer until 5:30. (I know I probably shouldn't cut it so early, but I have some other food to cook as well). Your thoughts?

Also, since this a big chunk of meat (25lbs or so), what type of rub should I do? I am thinking of cutting it into quarters to save time and get more rub per surface area.

Any suggestions will be extremely appreciated. I might have a mid life crisis/breakdown at age 27. haha.
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Cooking them to an internal of 135* makes a lot of sense. The higher cook temp is for tougher cuts of beef requiring breakdown of internal fat and collagen, which isn't your concern with top round.

Figure on an hr/lb so cutting them in quarters makes sense. You can use a good beef rub much like the ones you'll see in the prime rib forum, or just basic salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Also, a good Santa Maria rub goes well with tri tip and top round. If the latter interests you, I can send you a recipe.
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Thanks Pags!! I'll do some research on some of the Prime Rib posts. I'd love to get a Santa Maria rub. I just cooked 20 lbs of Tri Tip over the weekend. I went the lazy route though. Marinated it in teriyaki for 24 hours. Cooked it on high for about 1 hour until it was about 135 degrees (next time I will take it out at 130, just a few degrees too done). Boiled the marinade and then poured the sauce over the sliced Tri Tip. Wow!!! My mouth is still watering from it. Haha.

So here is my double edge sword. If I quarter the top round, and lets say they are now about 5-7lbs. Do you think I could still leave it smoking overnight? That's one of the good things about leaving it whole (I think), is that I could put it around 10p.m. and then sleep all night and not have to worry "too" much about it being over cooked. I don't know?!?!

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