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Hi, I just joined.

I saw an ad on Craigslist for what looks to be a model 50 smoker for $150.  The add says it "works great".  From research on this site, that seems like a great price if its functional, but looks like replacement parts for this 15+ year old model are expensive.  What would be the most important things to check when I go to look/buy?  I assume it's reasonable to ask owner to put a chunk of wood in and set it to 225 before I come over so I can confirm that it's working, not leaking smoke badly, holding relatively steady temp etc.  Other than that, what are the common things on this that fail or need replacement?



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Thanks.  I went over yesterday morning, and honestly it looked either hardly used or VERY well cared for.  Guy had 4 extra grates he gave me (9 total) and only 1 had any significant rust... several looked like brand new chrome.  The heating element and woodbox looked so clean I asked if they had been replaced or original (he told me original).  He plugged it in with a chunk of wood and once I saw a little smoke coming out that was all I needed to see.  Seller also included an older maverick 2 probe meat thermometer, 3 gallon ziplocks of wood chunks (hickory, pecan and oak), and a cover (which I'll probably never use since I have the smoker next to my gas grill on a covered porch where it would pretty much take a hurricane to get wet.

Fired it up yesterday for a test run to reverse sear some ribeye steaks and only flaw I noticed was a bit of smoke coming out the top left corner of the door.  Planning a longer smoke with some big beef ribs today.

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