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Get a hole of FE. I think he used on at Memphis in May this year, but I wasn't there so can't be sure.

Willingham used his rotisserie pellet cooker a lot (more after he made it big)

Fred (Wizards of Q) and he might have some thoughts.

Tom is a MIM judge, he'll see this (you there Tom?)
Since we have cooked heavy the last few years,we have only done a couple MIM judgings/year.

We usually do the Big Pig Jig,the largest ,next to the Memphis location.

I have judged one pellet cooker,on site.

He represented a group of high end restaurants,and showed me loinbacks.

Seems to me that it will give you plenty to discuss.

Most of the certified MIM judges are KCBS,and often FBA,as well.

Smaller contests may have non certified judges,as well.

They will have seen plenty of FEC s,around the South.

I believe Eddy has done ribs,and this year shoulders at Memphis.

It would be easy to discuss all the superior qualities of the FEC,but I'd keep the focus on the meats,and what about the FEC makes them great.

Hopes this helps a little.

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