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Mike and I were close and I'll miss him a lot. Appreciate his sense of humor and attitude (especially late at night at a contest). We spent a lot of time just talkin' Q and other fun stuff. Many a phone calls about contests and we'd talked about doing another one together this year.

I'll drink a toast to you tonight, Mike, you'll be missed.

Here's a good Mike story.

Years ago, in the days of the ABA (remember those FE)? Mike came down to Shreveport without knowing any of us, he just wanted to hang out and do some Q. Me and Stuart cooking on a 150.

WELL we gave Mike the honor of finishing the chicken off on the grill, BUT Mike didn't tell us he wasn't much of a griller. So after some bad flareups and burned chicken, we made do. Worst thing was we forget we had some in the smoker that would have worked.

Mike had a lot of fun with it, so much so that years later he joined the circuit.

I'm miss him AND his horse trailer. PapaShaka and the Critters!

I am sorry to hear about Mike, he was a great friend and he will be missed. About a week and a half ago Mike and I were discussing getting together to do a cook-off.

As Russ mentioned earlier Mike came and helped us at the first competition I ever cooked at. And I will never forget him trying to crisp up the skin on that chicken.

I loved to talk meats with Mike as he understood the different cuts and curing better than most.

Mike will be missed a lot, his family is in our prayers.

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