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Looks great.

Just an editorial addition, hope you don't mine.

You called them butts in the video and shoulders in the thread. To help the new people out (terminology confuses them sometimes), they're butts. Shoulders aren't something I see done much anymore unless you're in the South.
Thanks Smokin Okie
I noticed that myself after I watched it the first time. Also mentioned temp at 158 which was meat internal temp and not cooking temp. Do not know how to edit a video and did not have chance to redo.
Just a note. Pork was yummy. could have used more rub or maybe some injection. and I had to raise temp at end to get finished in time but had many good comments on all the food.
It is more of a pizza oven than anything else. Although we have never made a pizza in it.
If your food will fit in the 14" opening you can cook anything that your regular oven can. Although it is tough to keep temps below 300 for long periods and it tends to get some ashes in cooking area it is a nice unit. I heat my house with wood and have a inexpensive supply of hardwood up here in vermont so I use wood fired cooking equipment quite a bit.

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