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Super team of Scottie,YankeeBBq and Pellet Envy win the barbqlossal. They cooked under the team name of Pellet Envy. All three were attendees of the first FE cooking class in Ponca City. I don't know if there was much influance from the class but I do think the friendships that were made from it did.

Congrats Scottie, Steve and Rod
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Way to go guys!

On behalf of the rest of the hog farmers in the world, thanks for going to Des Moines and competing at the World Pork Expo, the largest pork trade show, and hog judging on the planet, along with the BarBQlossal.

I caught the bbq bug down there back in the early 90's when I went to look at hog equiptment and judging. I never knew bbq was like that. Bought my Kingfisher there too.

I couldn't make it this year, my daughter was competing in the state track meet (she won the discus, brag, brag).


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