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I stayed home yesterday to take my dog to the vet. I checked the tracking number on my 020 and UPS showed it a day early, for yesterday. Uhm, yeah, it's a blizzard up here. About 7pm I check again... "exception". Which means it won't be here.

No worries, wasn't supposed to be here until today anyway. Today the weather is great, with the exception of a little ice here and there. Check the UPS site and still same status from yesterday.

Then all of a sudden there's a large brown truck at my driveway. Two guys carry the box to the garage for me. There's a bit of a 'scratch' on the packaging so I check out the contents before signing. Looks ok so they're on their way.

Assembled the unit and set it up for it's seasoning. Was a little leary of doing that as the power has been off and on a bit lately.

Starts well, smoke from the vent, then not so much. I open the door and adjust the element. Seems better now. Can't wait to put a butt in that baby!

Here's a pic of the box. I'm "PRETTY SURE" that's not the way cookshack closed the box. lol

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