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Picked up 13 pound brisket from Sam's club and dry rubbed it Friday night and wrapped it up tight for 24 hours.

Took it out Saturday at noon to let it warm up a little bit.

Put it in the smoker (fat side up) on Saturday at 6PM at 225 degrees with a beach umbrella over the smoker, rain expected, with hickory in the tray.

Took it out of the smoker at about noon with a temp of 186 in the thickest part and wrapped it up and put it on top of the stove.

Cut some off and took it to my daughter and neighbor and had some tasting and it was delicious. Couldn't of been better.

Got home 45 minutes later to find the brisket gone, the bloodhound laying on the floor bloated, the dalmatian also bloated and a mess on the floor.

Took the Bloodhound to the vet and they made her puke. We took care of the Dalmatian. I've been cleaning up brisket smelling puke for the last 2 hours.

Happy fathers day!!!

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