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Hey Craig, how 'ya doing?

I've got some photos in here of PR, do a quick search.

What I do is smoke setting until it reaches about 115. Then take it out and wrap and I hold it in my cambro.

I put the FE on high (over 375) and when it gets to temp, I put it back in, with a little more seasoning, to crisp up the outside.

I take it off at 125.
I was thnking of tying it into a Crown for my presentation (Circle) But yes those End Cutts are popular
None oh my guests are RED meat fans so I may take the center to 135 ish But half the fun of this is coming up with a plan The other half is the "Oh My Gosh Its So good"
The Family knows how much work cooking on the Klose is So they think I am a super hero cooking every weekend on the FE LOL

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