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I have two 9.5# butts smoking for pulled pork that should be right for pulling tomorrow morning some time. I will also do some of my semi-famous "Kim's Beans" to take with the pork to Lake Texoma where we will spend the 4th with friends at their cabin. Pulled pork sammiches, beans, and fireworks on the lake is a good way to celebrate.
Our circle of friends are having our 4th on the 5th. Smiler Im fixing Smoked bottom round and BBQ beans in the smoker. Then grilling 20 lbs of wings during the afternoon to nibble on. Ive got 30 lbs of bottom round that I dust up with CS Brisket Rub, and smoke up to 160*. Then I put in a pan (ok pans) with some CS Mild BBQ sauce with a touch of vinegar in it. Cover tightly and put back in the smoker. Take these up to 200*, turn off and let cool in the smoker for about an hour. Remove and chop lightly and add some of the juice from the pan back into the meat. Ive been working on this one for about 3 months and this is excellent. Smiler

I've got to work 7A to 2P on the fourth, So I picked up aprox 16# of baby backs and will put them on when I go to bed Thurs nite. Pull them out when I get up, foil, and into the ice chest to work. Plan on having a great lunch. Co-workers are bringing the sides. Talk about FREEDOM! and I love to sleep.
Friday, July 4th - (2) 8+ pound turkey breasts (bone-in), turned out awesome, great sandwiches.
Fireworks tonight at Arvest BallPark, in Springdale, Arkansas, a great day with friends and family.

Saturday, July 5th - Smoked bologna for sandwiches, plan to go see the Famous Chicken at Arvest BallPark.

Sunday, July 6th - Smoked Pork Butt (putting it in before leaving for the ballgame on Saturday). Also putting in some baked beans with some pulled pork from my previous smoke. Also throwing a few filets on the grill for lunch on Sunday after worship service.

Family, friends, fireworks, baseball, the Famous Chicken, great food and Worship service. God has Blessed America!

Have a great 4th of July weekend.

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