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Sorry, just a little venting.

It's been one of those months. Between spammers galore (you all HAVE bought your Nike's via our forum haven't you) and a couple of very negative posts (usually late at night and filled with a lot of negativity).


I do this for free. The last thing I like posting or doing is moderating. I LOVE the fact that many of you respond to posts trying to help. Believe me, I'd rather be doing something I can make money at than being criticized for something I do for free.

If I moderate it's only because someone hasn't followed the process/procedures/etc. of the forum, not because I'm picking on you. But remember, this forum is paid for by CS and they establish the policies.

Example. IF (and I only do it when necessary) you post an off topic response in a thread to the original post (OP) you'll get the dreaded "please post in the correct forum".

Why? think about it for a minute, you made a comment that has nothing to do with the OP. A week from now no one will see it.

Why don't I just moderate it and move it. Nope, I can't move your post, only the whole thread.

There are some GREAT responses buried in threads that have nothing to do with the OP. And all your hard work is then buried so deep in a thread no one will fine it. I'm actually trying to help YOU by asking you to start a new thread. Yup it's true.

Such as recipes. Please post them as their own and yes, you can learn to post a link to the recipe. If you need help with that, just ask, we'll help.


1, 2 or 3 years from now, when someone is looking for a recipe, how will they find it? 99% of the people search the titles. Almost no one uses the advanced search (I know I can see the forum statistics for what is and isn't viewed/used).

That's why I try to keep the discuss OP.

Oh, and I DO moderate 10 to 20 times a day and move posts to the correct forum. Many new users don't see the forums lower down on the main page, so I just move them. If it's a brisket topic it goes to the brisket forum. Makes it easier to find answer to subject you might want? Something we started about 11 years ago here and it sure does make it easy to find stuff.

Thanks for helping. And to the few people who don't understand why, please try to understand that after 15 years of doing this for free, that maybe there is a reason for the moderator telling you how to accomplish something. Your membership in the forum doesn't entitle you to moderator abuse.

I should write a book on the posts I get, but it would be a bummer.

Ok, but to my fun... gotta get the house decorated for the grand babies coming for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Big Grin
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Hmmpf,I knew there must be some reason you're gettin' to look as old as me.
Just think how many years it took you to teach an ol' country cook to use both fingers on one o' these here typin' contraptions,instead o' just one.

Maybe ya should just retire to Baja Oklahoma and make the big buck$ writin' one o' them "groupie" columns about the secrets o' how long ya boil yer ribs and when the shiney side goes out on yer" crutch". Roll Eyes

Ya can't never have too many "secret tips" when ya started out in Muskogee. Wink
Originally posted by Padrefan98:
I am going to start staying up late to watch the forum drama. I had no idea! Big Grin

Yeah, it's funny. Sometimes I get a PM in the morning saying... "uh, how do I delete what I wrote last night"?

You've heard of drunk dialing, and drunk texting, maybe we have a new category
Thank you for all your work. I would be lost without the forum. I mention it so often when I'm cooking, that my son now gives me a hard time about it. For example, there might be a question about what time the Chiefs game is going to be on, and he'll say "why don't you check the forum"?

Don't let a couple of bad apples spoil the bunch. We appreciate all your hard work, thank you!
Thank you for all you do for this Forum!!! It is indeed appreciated even if we don't say it often enough. I have used it for 6 years now (yes just a newbie still) and found it to be oh so very helpful and even entertaining many times.
Sorry to say though that I did not get the chance to buy any Nike's from those posts here. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go and spam those sites in return, but don't think we could win that war.
Here's wishing you and your family a great and happy holiday!! Again, a big THANKS for all you do!

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