Skip to main content I have cooked a few, they are mighty good and I am a very p[opular guy with family and friends now. Here is my questions...and it may be a long one.
For awhile, I trimmed all the fat off and layed it on top. My reasons being that I could get rub on the meat better..well, it just doesnt sem to be as good when I do it that way.
So, now I cut all of that fat off after cooking. It seems like a shame as I rub both sides of the meat and I am now losing half the rub and a good amount of bark by getting rid of the fat..
Are most of you guys running into this? I hat dumping it all, bu it is too much fat to eat. This is the stuff on the bottom of the falt. I have cooked it, separated the point and am now dealing with the flat...
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It makes no sense to me to add all the flavor--applying rub and developing bark--to the fat, only to scrape it off in the end. So I'm a big fan of trimming.

My aim for trimming a brisket is to leave just enough of the fat cap intact so that it renders out--or gives its all--during the cook.

I try to leave 1/8" of fat on the fat cap, and I remove the two big fat pockets before the cook. So when it's done, I only have to slice and serve.
I don't want to misquote DrBBQ, but it seems that I remember him saying, or my reading, that he doesn't season the fat, only the lean. Again, forgive me if I'm misquoting, but I think among his favorite chicken recipes is one for legs, which he peels back the skin, rubs the meat, and readjusts the skin...and then does his thing with smoke, low heat, high heat, sauce, etc.

When I get better than him, I'll tell you my opinion, till then, his is pretty good!

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