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I started with a Weber Smokey Mountain,then a Klose offset, and am now looking for a smoker I don't have to mess with all the time. The Fast Eddy looks great, but I don't do competitions or cook for huge crowds. Seems like overkill maybe. I am now thinking about the Americue Smoker. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
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I've had my Amerique since December and I'm very happy with it. The probe function is what sold me on this smoker.I have cooked several pork butts and briskets using the probe and they have all turned out perfect.This smoker will take a bit longer than some Cookshack models because of the low wattage heating element. But using the probe and the hold feature it has, I just start my cook a little earlier.The Amerique is pricey, but you won't be disappointed! I bought mine at the website- best price,free shipping and 20 lbs of free smoking wood. good luck!!
Mark -- Welcome to the forum! Big Grin

What are you looking to do with your smoker?

How many do you usually feed/serve?

What kind of meat are you generally cooking?

Give us all the info you can. Many more will chime in with thoughts and ideas.

You can't go wrong with a Cookshack smoker!

Best of luck in your decision.
Mark I have had my AQ for nearly a full year now. It's great!! I had been down a simular road in Qing as yourself. No doubt about it the AQ is great. You can use the probe or set a cook time. When the cooked temp or cooking time is reached it cools to 140 and holds your Q until you get it out and turn off the unit.

Gees Wheelz no offense, the AQ is just a no brainer to use with the added features of the probe and auto hold, don't see that it matters what he wants to cook are how much he wants to cook.

You will love this smoker Mark! It was more money than the smaller units but with the 18X18 inch racks you just cook in it and no folding of your ribs or briskets. If you are really looking for no hassel and easy to use the AQ is well worth the money. Want matter if it is, or isn't to big for most of your smokes. The AQ want care it will just smoke you meat to perfection and wait for you to get it out for everyone to enjoy.

The only problem is everybody that gets to share my Q wants me to cooe for them. It is so easy to use, it was hard to say no at first. So, be ready your friends and family will be calling.

My Smokette is plenty big enough for my needs and is 'set it and forget it' until the meat comes up to temp. No problem. You might would rather spend $500 instead of $1500 if the bells and whistles aren't important to you.

Let's keep this the friendly forum it is and not condemn anyone for trying to help someone.

If the AmeriQue is great for you, fine. Doesn't have to be for everyone.

I have the SM009 and I have cooked for 40 people, 20 people, and on july 14th, I will cook for 50 people. Load it up with 4 (6-8 lb) pork butts and it will make about 15-20 lbs of finished pulled pork. The only advantage the AmQ has is the 18in shelves for ribs. I don't know if I trust the digital unit either. I'm a computer builder and I know how electronics can screw up sometimes. I would rather have 3 SM009's than 1 AmQ
I had a New Braunfells drum with side fire box for years before I got into a Cookshack.
My first Cookshack smoker was a Smokette.
It took me a couple of years before I out grew it and got an Amerique.
I out grew it and got a commerical Cookshack SM150.
Thinking about adding another Cookshack to my line up.

The electronics work great, I no longer have to rush home to check on my food.
The probe feature with cook and hold is one of the coolest things about both Amerique and SM150.
I like the larger racks no more having to fold briskets or cutting slabs of ribs in half.
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