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Briskets in Amerique.

3oz of hickory, 2 oz of apple and 1 oz of cherry

Raw meat 3 full briskets.
Start time 3:15 pm

1st 2nd and 3rd racks loaded.
Smoker set to 225 probe set to 195

I turned the smoker down to 200 at 10:00 pm

Probe 162 at midnight
Turned smoker back up to 225

5:30 am brisket with probe hit 195 it was the top rack.
other two at 175

Took out top brisket it was to dark out side to take photo.
Wrapped in foil put into ice chest

Moved bottom rack up to top rack
Turned smoker up to 250

6:49 briskets at 177
6:49 turned smoker up to 275

8:00 am briskets up to 188
Wrapped in put Foil put into ice chest

Out the door with briskets in ice chest.


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