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I started seasoning on my new Amerique today and things went wrong
I plugged into a GFCI outlet and set the temp to 225 with 3 small CS pieces of wood. I put a fat Boston Butt on the middle rack and after 1hr 15 the temp had climbed to 140 degrees the clicking noise was pretty noticeable every 5 - 120 seconds
I was cleaning the garage and pligged into the same receptacle with a vacuum and the circuit tripped. I unplugged reset and plugged back in this time the screen was only the baclit green with nothing else.
I'm dead in the water until CS Customer Service returns my call, but no chance I'm thinking it can be resolved over the weekend.

Any advice from you Seasoned Veterans would be appreciated.

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Try unplugging the smoker and replug. If screen is still green, then turn off the control box and turn it back on. Still green, try adjusting the temperature.

Maybe the tinkering will reset the controller since a power outage shouldn't damage the smoker. If this doesn't work, then you'll have to call Cookshack. Maybe the unit shorted causing the ground fault to trip versus the ground fault affecting the smoker.

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