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What up all?
I was wondering if anyone has measured the inside temp of the Amerique at different grill heights to find the hotter cooking areas. I know they could vary, but on avg. how consistent are the temps. How do you go about checking these temps. I thought someone on this forum did it or had the procedures they followed. I have heard the bottom rack is the hottest, what about front to back on the same rack? I know it's a lot to ask but who better to ask than the forum pros, Thanks and peace out! "Q" Big Grin
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Quecrew, Researching some old notes taken after purchasing my A/Q I found this.

BBQ Chicken, brined 12 hours
17 halves, 4 on each of the top three racks, 5 on the bottom rack.
Hickory, 2 oz.
Outside temp 75°
Set temp 225°
At 1 hour the temps taken in thigh were
Top rack - 116°
2nd from top - 107°
3rd from top - 94°
Bottom rack - 100°

The chicken was then removed and finished on grill.

Hope this helps,
Mr. T

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