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So I was told today that my Amerique was shipping. I am super stoked because i start my vacation this Thursday and will get plenty of time to mess with it. Question is how long is the shipping times for freight? It is shipping from cookshack to me in Northern California.

I guess im just getting anxious. Lol
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Well 3 shipping days once it is on the road I am guessing. You can do a "test ship" on UPS and use CS's zip as point of origin and your zip as destination to figure out days in transit. Being this is Wednesday let's say they have one in stock at CS and it ships Thursday, that means you should have it by the end of the business day on Tuesday...

Yeah I just did a create a shipment from CS 74601 to my old zip in Cali, 94044... Assuming it goes out Thursday by the end of the day you will have it Tuesday by the end of the day... Oh Yeah !!

COOL !!! I used to love it when guitars I bought on the Bay would show up during a vacation !!
Well after waiting all day yesterday it didnt come. It finally came today at around 6pm. Put it together in around 15 minutes while drinking a nice refreshing beer. One thing I noticed is that the bottom latch didnt have the safety clip thing on it, only the top one did. Anyways I threw a couple of chunks of the hickory that came with it, set it to 250 for 4 hours, and let her rip. Man I can tell I am already going to like this thing, possibly even more than my pg1000 as a smoker. The smell of the wood smoke coming from it smells like actual wood, unlike my pellet grill. After the 4 hours is up I have 6 lbs of jerky sitting in the fridge that is already marinated and ready to be smoked. Looks like I will be up till 2am or so doing that..haha good thing I am on vacation.

Oh yeah, there werent any of cookshacks sampling rubs or sauces with it. Did they stop throwing those in? I was a little bummed out because I wanted to try them.

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