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I originally put this in the open forum. Any suggestions for placing the AQ probe on ribs?? I sort of guessed at a place in the middle of the rack. Did OK as ribs were better than anything I have done before. Once I got everything working on the AQ it has preformed flawlessly. Thanks for your help. You all are great!
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Probe ??? on a rib ????

Not sure I've ever heard of a successful/reliable way to use temp to determine doneness on ribs.

I'll defer to others, has anyone done this successfully with Ribs.

For me, the bend test or the "test with a toothpick" test are the solid ways to determine doneness.

What SmokinOkie said. Ribs are tough to probe accurately...not enough meat and the bones are too close together. I (gasp!!) open the door at about 4 hours (for baby backs) and about 6 hours for spares and look for about half an inch pullback on the bones. You may have to adjust the time depending on your cook temperature.
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I guess I'm different. I definitely use the probe in ribs. Not to tell me when they are finished.. rather, to tell me when I'm in the ballpark. I've been happy with the results. I don't do b'backs.. just spares which have more meat.. and I don't put the probe between the ribs.. rather, in the thicker meat at the bottom of the ribs.

When it's "there" I open the box and do the twist... no, not the dance.. I do that after I finish eating them Eeker
Thanks for the help. I knew you all would know the answer. After the ribs came out of the AQ I go to thinking that the probe was probably to close to the bones. Henceforth, I will use it to estimate cooking time/temps. I was trying to find a way to keep from opening the door until the end of the cooking cycle.
Originally posted by tigerfan:
Have to agree with Smokin, the probe on ribs just doesn't work! I do ribs all the time in my AmeriQue. Keep good records, Lion backs will be about 4-1/2 to 5 hrs, spares longer, beef ribs about 6-1/2 hrs. Trial and error till you get it down! Go to find and put in ribs, lots of help there!
Just a tag on to Smokin's always reliable advice.

He and all comp cooks,after practicing and notes can tell within about 10 mins of where their ribs are at each stage.

If they are a little different in thickness,or weight,they can pretty much approximate for it.

I work ribs with my teammate,Ribdog,and his comp schedule never varies by a minute,unless a late adjustment has to be made for a product that performed strangely.

I was always concerned with my earliest cookers and each new product,how to get it right.

I knew there were "secrets" to "the correct"way.

Smokin's advice, about practice and good notes, could be the number one tip about being comfortable with my cooking.

Just my $0.02

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