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I tried to map the temperatures in my new AmeriQue today:

Used a Maverick remote probe.

Set to 225°
-Controller consistently read 230° most of time

Each Shelf Temp after one hour, then 30 minute to reequilibrate:
Top 228° (0° from controller reading)
Third 228° (+3° from controller reading)
Second 225° (0° from controller reading)
Bottom 235° (+10° from controller reading)

Middle shelf range with controller reading of 230 deg (cook temp set at 225 deg)
Back- 229° (0°)
Center- 231° (+2°)
Front- 236° (+6°)

Bottom Shelf Range:
Back +2°
Middle +5°
Front +13°

Time to drop to hold temperature from 230° Controller reading:
30 min- 178°
60 min- 147°
75 min- 145°
90 min- 145°

Is it common for the controller to consistently read 5 deg more than the cook temperature setting?

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I don't have a problem with a +/- of 5 degrees. Given what you have there I'd say that's pretty spot on. Plus, was your thermometer calibrated? It would be some of the variance, but it won't ever been an exact reading of the dial, it has fluctuation.

Also, I see only one reading per shelf. Realize the temps with vary some front to back and left to right.

So an average of 5 degrees is awesome.
I have had my Amerique for over two years. I have consistently gotten very good smoked food from the smoker. In Jan of this year, I tested the on board against a remote. The remote was higher. I mothballed the remote. After all, I was getting good eats, and having a second temp reading really did not contribute anything positive. If the food was bad, I would be concerned . The food is great and I am not the least bit concerned.
I understand. I use a therma pen to check internal temp since the Amerique can only monitor one cut at a time. If one cut has hit the desired IT I can transfer the probe to the cut that still needs more time. And yes there is a heat dump when the door is opened. But it all works out fine.

Something not mentioned: did you map empty or did you have a dummy load simulating food on each rack?
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