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I might be wrong but it looks like CS changed the forum format again, just in the middle of everyone getting used to it. Please collapse the forum categories again on the "home" page, and bring back the recent posts and replies regardless of forum topic. You have just made a change, without announcement, that messes up how people want to use the forum, i.e., see all new posts and replies first on "home."

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Sorry for the frustration! I changed this today because so many people were upset and couldn't find topics. I'll ask a few other members and see what everyone thinks. We have no problems making changes and taking suggestions. It does take a bit because we are also learning how to use this platform. If there are any other features you miss from the old forum, dislike on the new forum or have seen on other forums, let me know and I'll try my best to figure it out!

Might it be possible to give the list of Forum Categories prominent space along the side, while using the prime center visible space for recent posts and status of replies? Sort of move the current top several pages to the side and restore the "Forum Topics" to the top center? Just an idea to keep both visible to new visitors and regulars.


Thanks for keeping the forum going. you can tell that many of us are passionate followers and for me, it is crucial to my BBQ'ing success these past years. I look forward to see what my forum bretheren are posting and log in here at least weekly or more often. We really appreciate your help and time on trying to make this more interactive and easy to navigate.  Personally, it seems the readership has declined in the past couple years and I would like to see it ramp back up. Perhaps more links to the forum from your FB posts might help?

after looking at the new forum on my computer and phone here are my thoughts for what they are worth:


easy to see photos, enlarge them, and close them.

Readable text


Areas to consider improvement:

When typing, if I hit Enter, it doubles spaces--takes up screen space. Consider single spacing after Enter

Able to see more topics as Andy suggested.

When on mobile, I can't see the recently added topics

Any improvements that would decrease scrolling.


Thanks Dara, we really appreciate your time and help.





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