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Well THAT was fun....

... not Frowner

Really cold and windy/rain all night. Temps in the low 40's and wind about 30. Can't wait to have the trailer (it's here I get it Monday)

4th in chicken (improved over 25th the week before) Actually tied for 3rd and lost the tie-breaker.

8th in pork

12 in brisket

See a trend?

29th out of 32 in ribs.

Excuse me????

Guess I ran into a weird table. Same ribs the week before got 10th out of 57.

All the teams noticed low and very wide ranging scores. Guess this was one of those time to just scratch your head. The scores were so different, the high score this week would have gotten about 20th in Stillwater ???

It is only my second contest year, so I'm getting lots of practice at doing well in 3 categories and tanking in the 4th.

Big Grin

Best part about the day, my wife was there as my team mate and we had my daughter and grand-daughter there helping the team.

David, for contest, go to the KCBS site:

KCBS Calendar

I think Salisaw on 5/5 is the next one.

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