Got off subject talking temp variances in discussion of Bad @ss Ribs Favorite Recipe Forum so starting over here.

I reported a BIG Temp variance in Upper to Lower area of my AQ.

Followed PAGS advice to test the probes. I fired up the AQ empty tonight to eliminate heat sync variables etc.

With AQ settled in @ 250 and digital Acurite probe at same lower level as the internal probe. I noted external probe reading of 254. This made sense to me as the external probe was in the middle and more directly above heat source.

After monitoring for a bit and seeing very little fluctuation in either temp reading I raised the external up to within a few inches of the vent. The external actually did drop 3-4 degrees within a few minutes. Result AQ temp read 250 and external probe read 250. Monitored for some time with just a normal 1-2 degree variance from cycling.

Completely unscientific conclusion of the experiment was this: AQ ran 3-4 degrees hot just above the heat source but there was alignment of temps from AQ's lower internal probe to upper external probe. SUPRISE Smokin appears to have been right when he was skeptical there would be much fluctuation in such a small area.

I certainly did NOT find the big fluctuation I detected the other night. All I can say is it was very windy outside and I had a big turkey sitting on the lower rack and just a PB and slab of ribs on the top rack. No ideas for sure. And nope it wasn't too much Lord Calvert either.

Anybody else note issues with temp variances in AQ with a load?
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