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Hi All,
Been lovin' my AQ for the past couple of months. I tend to put in more chunks than recc., but I like a LOT of smoke. Only problem I have found is thermostat..does not stop at set temp...either up or down for quite a while before it settles down.Could be all the wood I'm throwing in.
Was in Md.a few weeks ago and had some of the best ribs and chicken I ever stuffed my mouth with!!! Fella had 2 Southern Pride BIG smokers and used a simple rub on the baby back ribs (1.75 lbs - 2lbs)just rubbed top..threw them in. Used hickory at 240 degrees for 3 hours. No turning or opening.
Chicken had back cut out then split in half. Kosher salt only and in the smoker at 275 degrees for 2 1/2 hours.
Used a ketchup and cider vinegar based sauce ...only on the apple juice spritz...never opened the door till done with ribs or chicken.Try a blind tasting with Heinz and Hunts...tell me what you think)
I tried the same times and temp with my AQ. After a few tries, pre warming the box got me to about the same times give or take. THE BEST I'VE EVER MADE!!!!!!!!
Happy cooking and thanks to all of you that gave me advice on buying COOKSHACK!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like you are having fun. You don't have a problem with you thermostat. That is normal with the electric smoker. My smokers do the same thing. They tend to rise or fall abot 20 to 30 degrees. I wound not worry about it. If you are really concerned you can call customer service. Oh, the ribs and chicken sounds good. Smiler

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